MCM London – October 2016


October 28th-30th – the weekend where thousands of people flocked to London to celebrate everything from games to comics to costumes and more! And with good reason too: it was pretty darn awesome. In the past I’ve been to the London MCM for just a day, which was split between a lot of time travelling and usually being crushed in the Saturday crowds while trying to do my shopping. This year is the first time I’ve been in London for the whole weekend, and it was pretty awesome!

As far as costumes went, I wore Zatanna for the Friday and Supergirl made an appearance on both the Saturday and the Sunday (that’s how well she went with people!) I managed to rework my SG cape in time for the weekend, which made it all the more epic (and swooshy, as we decided!) It was a great weekend for pictures too, with quite a few being taken and a pretty epic Deadpool buddy, and fantastic for catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. The weekend itself was certainly an experience, having never been in London for more than half a day before, but it’s one that I’m eager to repeat. Roll on the next expo!

So to celebrate this epic weekend, here’s a few pictures that I particularly love (along with my shiny new Facebook cosplay page, where I intend to spam many more!)

Oh, did I also mention that I got to meet Michael Rowe? ;p

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Cosplay 02: The Always-Lovely Zatanna Zatara (a.k.a I needed a reason to wear my Top Hat)


Wow, so I’m not exactly sure what happened on the Internet yesterday but somehow we managed to get 40 views! In one day! (Hey, it’s a big record for a site with basically very little on it!) It’s an extremely small start, but it’s definitely something!

On the slight high from that good news, I’m reasonably proud to show off my second costume: Zatanna Zatara! Despite my original worries, she’s actually been pretty easy to put together (the hardest parts were the ‘pants’ and finding a decent wig that wasn’t cheap or blue, but more on that in a little bit). Zatanna is a kick-ass stage magician and actual magician, who can cast spells by speaking words and sentences backwards. She was a great choice for me not only because I conveniently had a Top Hat hanging around in my wardrobe, but also because my dad was a pretty awesome Stage Magician and Entertainer too! (Little known fact there).

After a lot of research I decided to go with this version of her costume (a more classic look I’d say):


The outfit composes of:

  • Black tailed-jacket (a Ringmaster jacket works perfectly here)
  • White long sleeved shirt
  • Waistcoat (I went with a black one for now as white was a real problem to find)
  • Bowtie (I chose black to compliment the waistcoat, plus I already owned one)
  • Black Top Hat
  • White gloes
  • Black ‘pants’/bottoms
  • Fishnets
  • Boots/heels/flats of your choice (depending on your comfort level I guess?) – For my version I’m wearing a pair of black heels I already own, with flats as a backup for when they inevitably kill my feet!
  • Black wig

Funny how much of that I already owned. The Black Ringmaster jacket I bought from eBay (ended up going to 2 sellers as the first never showed) and the gloves were bought from a costume shop. The hardest part to buy was probably the bottoms – in this version she basically wears a leotard underneath (that’s the closest way I could describe it) and there’s no way in HELL I’m walking around with my butt out that much. I eventually found some black waist-shaping shorts that went over the shirt nicely and didn’t look too bad for a first version.

My new wig also showed up today, which looks pretty good although I’ll need to sort the bangs out and get used to wearing it inside! All that’s left really are sorting out the props, and I already own a wand.

Ready for a picture? Everyone say Abra Kadabra now…. 😀

Ignore the red face and derpy pose! >_< The second is the new wig I got today, which looks a lot better and is nowhere near as tangled. See what I mean about the fringe though?

Anyway I like it, Zatanna is awesome and I get to wear my Top Hat in public! Hopefully there will be some better pictures come October time…

As usual leave me a comment if you want, or if you’d like to know where I got anything from 🙂