Bonjour, Howdy, What’s up and Hello!


Hi everyone. For those of you who know me, you’re probably sitting there wondering why you’re reading this (it’s because I’m very likable really!) For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, then hi and welcome to my wonderful and possibly strange blog! My name’s Sarah, and when I’m not playing games, watching movies or creating freaky horror effects with liquid latex (more on that later) I write and edit for Leviathyn, an extremely awesome video games website!

You may be wondering why it’s called ‘A Wild Zippy Appeared’. It’s quite simple: my nickname (or actual name, since some people genuinely don’t know me as Sarah) is Zippy, and I do have the habit of popping up unexpected. I’m an avid games lover and a huge geek, so all around it seemed to fit!

The purpose of this blog is to act as somewhere I can put all the writings and musings that I can’t post on Leviathyn. Whether they’re film or tv related, conversations about general geekery or even instructional posts on how to make your own horror effects (because Halloween is coming people!), hopefully they’ll be entertaining and give me WAY more experience writing and editing!

So without further due, welcome to A Wild Zippy Appeared 🙂