A Little Costume Positivity


Cosplay has really exploded these past few years. Famous people do it, people have made professional careers out of it and there are some people who literally just make costumes or props, which is awesome! Sadly a lot of people, either with less skill or people who are simply new to making costumes, get deflated with their early attempts when compared to these professionals, or more experienced cosplayers. Got to admit that I’m guilty of this: my Facebook is full of cosplay groups with epic costumes, my Instagram shows awesome armour builds and weapons and even Pinterest has started throwing “make better costume” pages at me on a regular basis, which leaves me feeling a little crummy about my own costumes. This leads to the inevitable scrapping of ideas, pushing them back in the hope that I’ll magically learn that skill or asking people on a frequent basis how my costume looks (or, rather, how I look in it, which is the big worry). Sorry bout that friends!

This is why articles like this fill me with small, fuzzy feelings, because all the good cosplayers had to start somewhere: http://www.sharemycosplay.com/2016/10/19/share-my-cosplay-everyone-starts-somewhere/

It’s pretty much common sense that everyone starts somewhere, no matter what you’re doing, but when you see more good pictures than bad it’s kind of hard not to feel a little self-doubt.

On the plus side, pretty much anything I make from this point on will be better than the first costume I ever wore to a Comic Con, which is honestly an insult to the lady I went as….

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out how to wear wigs properly and get ready for London MCM in 10 DAYS!!! (50% hype, 50% terror I think).


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