The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Blog Writer…


Hello people who accidentally managed to find their way here instead of whatever site you were originally looking for!! It’s not that hard to notice that I’ve been absent these past few months. Well, more than a few (since my last post was apparently 9 months ago… WHAT?!)

The reason for this is pretty simple actually: I unfortunately live in an area where Internet is a strange and mysterious thing. Or something like that, since I get pretty much 0 service and most of the top UK broadband providers won’t service here… It’s kind of like the dark lands in the Lion King – the Internet providers just don’t go here.

Anyway I’m here to say that I will be around (vaguely) and I’ll be posting some new stuff up sooooon! ❤

So to sum up today's post: I'm not dead, Internet service is magical/forbidden and there are shiny new things in the future! Boo-yah!! x


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